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         A number of good books are on the market for helping document and organize your family history. Two books that we would recommend before you start preparing a book are 'Evidence' by Elizabeth Shown Mills, and 'Producing a Quality Family History' by Patricia Law Hatcher.

Here are some tips for the layout of a book.
1. Title Page
     a. Title
     b. Author
     c. Publisher
2. Back Page of Title page
     a. Copyright
     b. Address for ordering
3. Dedication
     a. Be brief
           (blank on back)
4. Preface, Introduction
     or Forward
     (backside remains blank)
5. List of illustrations/Maps
     (backside remains blank)
6. Index
     a. End of book
     b. Full Name Index with
           1. Place
           2. Name
           3. Subject Heading
7. Page Format
     a. One-inch margin all aroung book
     b. Page numbering
           1. Odd numbers on the top right
           2. Even numbers on the top left
           3. Or, page numbers may be centered on bottom
               or top of page (this is the best!)

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