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Alabama CD-ROM #1 contains the following books in graphic image from:  1800pp, #HB/1418 ----- $28.00

  • History of Clarke County, Alabama by John S. Graham. (1923) County was formed in 1812 from Washington County.

  • Colonial Mobile: An Historical Study, Largely from Original Sources of the Alabama-Tombigbee Basin and the old South West from the Discovery of Spiritu Santo in 1519 untilo the Demolition of Fort Charlotte in 1821 By Peter J. Hamilton, A.M. A detailed history of Mobile.

  • Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama: Being a List of Names Compiled from Authentic Sources of Soldiers of the American Revolution, who resided in the State of AlabamaBy Tom M. Owen. (1911)

  • Early Settlers of Alabama, with Notes & Genealogies By Col. James E. Saunders, Elizabeth Saunders Blair Stubbs. (1899) Consists of a collection of AL genealogies & biographical sketches.

  • Cemetery Records of Greene County, Alabama and of Related AreasBy O’levia Neil Wilson Wiese. (1980) Inscriptions of 52 cemeteries.

Arkansas CD-ROM #1  Contains graphic images of all 11 volumes of 

Obituaries of Benton County, Arkansas. Covers years from 1884 to 1933. Each volume contains a full name index, 5372pp, #HB/1548 ------ $47.00 

Georgia CD-ROM
Contains graphic images of the following books:            3311pp, #HB/1849 ----- $36.50

  • Revolutionary Records of Georgia Volumes 1-3  By Allen D. Chandler. (1908) Covers the time period of 1767 to 1786. Full name index.

  • History of Georgia Volumes 1 & 2   By Charlie C. Jones. (1883) Full name index.

Mississippi CD-ROM #1 contains The Woodville Republican  volumes  in graphic image. The Woodville Republican is the oldest newspaper in Mississippi and is still being published. By O’Levia N. Wilson Wiese.             1500pp, #HB/1364 ----- $27.50

Vol I      1823-1839     Vol II    1840-1847 

Vol III   1848-1855      Vol IV   1878-1880 

Vol V     1881-1883

Mississippi CD-ROM #2 Early Mississippi Records - contains the following books by Betty Couch Wiltshire in electronic text  form:             2627pp, index, #HB/CD2325 ----- $25.50

  • Attala County, MS Pioneers

  • Carroll County, MS Pioneers

  • Holmes County, MS Pioneers

  • Yazoo County, MS Pioneers

  • Mississippi Index to Wills 1800-1900

  • Mississippi Confederate Grave Registrations (2 Vols)

  • Marriages and Deaths from Mississippi Newspapers           
    (4 Vols)  Covers time period of 1801-1863.

South Carolina CD-ROM #1 – Contains graphic image reprints of the following books by Brent H. Holcomb. 811pp, #HB/1164 ----- $24.00

  • Marriages and Death Notices from the “Charleston Observer” 1827-1845

  • Early Records of Fishing Creek Presbyterian Church, Chester Co., SC 1799-1859 

  • Kershaw County, SC Minutes of the County Court 1791-1799 

  • Winton (Barnwell)County , SC Minutes of the County Court and Will Book 1 1785-1791

South Carolina CD-ROM #2  - containing graphic image reprints of the following books:  3334pp, #HB/1417 ----- $32.00 

  • “The People’s Journal” Pickens, SC 1894-1903: Historical & Genealogical Abstracts    By Peggy Burton Rich & Marion Ard Whitehurst.  

  • The Pickens Sentinel, Pickens Court House, SC 1872-1893: Historical & Genealogical Abstracts   (Vol 1 & 2) By Peggy Burton Rich & Marion Ard Whitehurst.

  • The Annals of Newberry, SC (Parts 1 & 2)   By John Belton O’Nell &John A. Chapman.

  • Historical Sketches of South Carolina    By McCarter & Company. 

  • History of Spartanburg County, SC    By B. O. Landrum. (1900)

Tennessee CD-ROM #1  - containing graphic images of three volumes of Davidson County Court Records covering the years 1783-1792, 1792-1799, 1799-1803 respectively. By Carol Wells.  1301pp, each volume indexed, #HB/1359 ----- $26.50

 Tennessee CD-ROM #2containing graphic images of the following books:  1901pp, #HB/1367 ----- $30.00

  •  Robertson County, TN County Court Minutes 1796-1807          

  • Williamson County, TN County Court Minutes May 1806 – Apr 1812    

  • Williamson County, TN County Court Minutes Jul 1812 – Oct 1815  

  • Abstracts of Giles County, TN County Court Minutes 1813-1816 and Circuit Court Minutes 1810-1816   

  • Rhea County, TN Circuit Minutes Sep 1815 – Mar 1836    

  • Rhea County, TN Tax Lists 1832-1834 & County Court   Minutes Volume D: 1829-1834   ·          

  • Dickson County, TN County and Circuit Court Minutes 1816-1828 & Witness Docket  

  • Notable Men of Tennessee From 1833-1875   By Oliver P. Temple. (1912)

Tennessee CD-ROM #
3containing graphic images of the following books:     1576pp, #HB/1495 ----- $28.00

  •  Davidson County, TN Deed Books “T” & “W” 1829-1835   By  Mary Sue Smith. 

  • Davidson County, TN Deed Book “P”; Personal Property Deeds Nov 1821 – Feb 1829   By Mary Sue Smith.

  • Historic Sumner County, TN with Genealogies of the Bledsoe, Cage and Douglass Families and Genealogical Notes of other Sumner County Families  By Jay Guy Cisco.

  •  History of Sweetwater Valley   By W. B. Lenoir. (1916)

  •  Historical Sketches of the Holston Valleys   By Thomas W. Preston.

Tennessee Genealogical Records CD-ROMcontaining the following graphic images of the following books. By Sherida K. Eddlemon.  1000pp, #HB/1156 ----- $25.00

  •  Dickson County, TN Marriage Records 1817-187     

  • Genealogical Abstracts  from Tennessee Newspapers 1791-1808    

  • Genealogical Abstracts  from Tennessee Newspapers 1803-1812  

  • Genealogical Abstracts  from Tennessee Newspapers 1821-1828

Virginia CD-ROM #1  - contains graphic images of the following books:          890pp, #HB/1158 ----- $24.50 

  •  Ye Kingdome of Accawmacke or the Eastern Shore of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century  By Jennings Cropper Wise. (1911)

  •  Accomack Land Causes 1728-1825  By Stratton Nottingham (1930)

  •  Virginia Land Causes: Lancaster County 1795-1848 & Northampton County 1731-1868  By Stratton Nottingham. (1931)

  •  Accomack Co., Virginia 1850 Census  By Patricia Scherzinger. (1988) Northampton Co., Virginia 1850 Census By Patricia Scherzinger. (1987)

Virginia CD-ROM #2  -  contains graphic images of the following books:      1538pp, #HB/1259 ----- $27.50

  • Marriages of Alleghany Co., Virginia 1822-1872  By Carletta Lanear Nelson. -          

  • A History of Rockingham Co., Virginia By John W. Wayland. (1912)  

  • Annals of Bath Co. Virginia By Oren F. Morton. (1917) Covers history of the county 1791-1917. 

  • Southwest Virginia and Shenandoah Valley   By Thomas Bruce. (1891)

Virginia CD-Rom #3  contains graphic images of the following books:           1213pp, #HB/1270 ----- $29.50

  •  King George County, Virginia Death Records 1853-1896   By Elizabeth Nuckols Lee.         

  • The History of the City of Fredericksburg Virginia From its Settlement to the Present Time   By S. J. Quinn. (1908) History covers Revolutionary War, Civil War, public works, cemeteries, churches & biographical sketches.   

  • Historic Fredericksburg: The Story of an Old Town  By John T. Goolrick. (1922)  

  • Wills of Westmoreland County Virginia 1654-1800  By Augusta B. Fothergill. (1925) 

Virginia CD-ROM #5  contains graphic images of the following books:           2188pp, #HB/1522 ----- $31.00

  • Marriage Records of Warren County, Virginia 1836-1853       By Rebecca H. Good and Joan D. Hackett. 

  • The Old Virginia Gentleman and Other Sketches  By George W. Bagby. (1911)  

  • Historical Collections iof Virginia: Containing a Collection of the Most Interesting Facts, Traditions, Bio Sketches, Anedote & etc. By Henry Howe. (1845)  

  • Virginia Carolorum: The Colony Under the Rule of Charles the First and Second, 1625-1685, Based on Manuscripts and Documents of the Period  By Edward D. Neill. (1886)    

  • Manors of Virginia in Colonial Times  By Edith Tunis Sale (1919) Contains genealogical data on Tidewater families. 

  • The History of Orange County, Virginia   By W. W. Scott. (1907)

Virginia CD-ROM – Virginia Half-Pay and other Related Revolutionary War Pension Application Files  Taken from National Archive microfilm publication M910 comprising of 18 rolls of film. This electronic reprint is divided into three separate CD-ROMs. There are a total of 279 pension files.

  • Virginia Soldiers A-M   #HB/1371 ----- $40.00 

  • Virginia Soldiers N-Z    # HB/1372 ----- $40.00

  • Virginia Sailors  A-Z     # HB/1373 ----- $40.00



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