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J & W Enterprises has changed its focus, we have discontinued traveling to seminars and conferences, as cost has escalated and attendance has dwindled. The new computer era has brought about a great deal of changes in the genealogy field. We have started focusing more on our own publications and still listing publications from several smaller publishers. We will gladly put together large orders for libraries, etc. that come from several publishers and continue our discount as much as possible depending on discounts we receive. We will also continue to publish books for Genealogical Societies, Family Genealogies or other books in lower quantities than large publishers require for more reasonable prices. We do not have capabilities to produce hard cover books, but will print and ship to customer's chosen binder. For pricing give us a call or e-mail and we will galdly give you a bid. 

We continue to stay in the business in 2015.

However we have moved to a new location out in the country. The new mailing address & physical address is: J & W Enterprises, 550 Volentine Rd, Athens, LA 71003.  Telephone will be: 318-258-3060 or 318-218-4627

We haven't published any new books lately, however beings John is semi-retired, we can resume some activity. We do have two other websites which focus on family surnames. Wanda has: http://www.harmanheritage.com , which focuses on descendants of Zachariah HARMAN & Rebecca PETTY of Chatham Co., North Carolina. John has: http://www.head-frc.com , which focuses on the HEAD families (primarily in the South) of the USA.

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