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J & W Enterprises offers a large group of books from primarily southern States at reasonable prices and good delivery. We also publish books for Genealogical Societies, Family Genealogists or individuals in smaller quantities at reasonable prices. Large orders of our printed books over $300.00 will receive a 10% discount and shipment cost will be reduced, also. Books that we sell from other sources will only be reduced as our price various from each company. We can also offer getting books with "hard" covers, at a reasonable price, but the order must be a order of at least 10 copies of each title.
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J & W Enterprises, 550 Volentine Road, Athens, LA 71003
Telephone: 318-258-3060 or 318-218-4627

This website sponsors two other websites; harmanheritage.com (Zachariah Harman & Rebekah Petty and their descendants) and head-frc.com (which is dedicated to the research of the HEAD surname from all over the USA)


We are now offering a large selection of Ericson Books titles, which are
predominantly genealogical records of Texas, including family histories, etc.

This update of this website will  cover all of the Ericson Books material.


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